Sunday, March 28, 2010


So I'm on spring break now. Tonight, I came to Baltimore, MD to visit my friend Liz. She goes to MICA, one of the best art colleges in the country. It's very pretty and different from FIT, but is it BETTER? I wouldn't say. It does seem to have things that FIT lacks and vice versa. Apparently they're having problems with break-ins. That would NEVER happen at FIT. Every building at FIT has a security guard at each entrance, ready to check ID's. I was able to walk into a few MICA buildings without anything like that. Also, MICA is very expensive. A PLUS about MICA is the scenery. They have an old train station on their campus! The buildings in Baltimore are a million times prettier than the ones in Chelsea/the Fashion District of NYC. Liz's dorm is a lot bigger than an FIT suite. She gets her own room and shares a living room, kicthen, and a bathroom with three other girls. Honestly, I think this suite is the size of my friends' Roosevelt Island apartment. OH!!! AND THEIR WALL HAS A GIANT CANVAS THAT THEY CAN PAINT ON!!! Sooooo lucky! My roommate and I wouldve gone crazy with that.
I still don't know too much about their artwork but I'm definitely sure it is amazing. MICA seems to be very flexible. You can go there and do anything creative with art and mix your interests. FIT isolates their majors a lot more, but I think I'm going to work around that and take some textile/surface design classes over this summer. Sooo, yes. Now look at the pictures of MICA I took today!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What I did today:

They're not even scanned. I took pictures of them with my PHONE and did a quick clean up in photoshop. Hahaha. FIT has interesting models.
I'm really tired. I procrastinate too much and then stay up really late doing projects that come out looking like throw up. Note to self: cold press watercolor paper is awful for tiny gouache details. I need to focus more on art and less on partying and friends and cafeworld if I really want to become an amazing illustrator.
My mom won an award for best newsletter advertising marketing thing in all of NEW YORK STATE!!! She's the REAL hardworking artist in the family. Go check her outt!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Soooo. This is new. I'm gonna put all my art stuff here I suppose. My friend Jack has one of these. I just realized he's been posting stuff since 2007! I was like...a BABY back then. Well, I was 15. And 3 years from now I will look at my 18 year old self and think I was a baby now, too.

Uhm, yeah. About me about me about me. I'm in my 2nd semester of fashion illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I love (most of) the teachers and I've made quite a few friends. I sorta have this love-hate relationship with NYC, but it's growing on me. Last semester I had an emotional breakdown and wanted to transfer and run far far far away but I'm finally becoming comfortable here, by myself, single, bored sometimes, and in New York. We'll see what happens.

The art: just doodles in my sketchbook because Adobe Bridge doesnt feel like photomerging large scans today. AND my recent photoshop project I did for class. Got a B+.