Friday, March 25, 2011

Bettie Page: Style Icon

This is a project from last semester. We were told to chose our favorite style icon and do a portrait of him/her. I chose Bettie Page. She is super iconic and a LOT of celebrities are paying tribute to her look right now especially Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Dita Von Teese, and Beyonce. She is known for her adorable black bangs, red lips, curves, smile, and her tendency to pose in extravagant lingerie, bondage wear, and a whip in hand. That kind of stuff was pretty edgy for her time period- the 1950's. However, what not a LOT of people know about her is that she was very religious and her controversial modeling haunted her a bit later in life. I wanted to bring that into this piece by pasting together images of her bondage photos, her mugshot, and some old style images of demons and saints from Dover, into the shape of a cross.

American Woman- Postcard Draft

Hello everyone! So one of the projects I am trying to finish up right now is the postcard. I chose this sort of patriotic drawing I did for it. My professor wants it to be fixed up a little bit and apparently I forgot that the back of my postcard has to have space to write on and a stamp...oops! I will upload the finished soon but for now I thought you would enjoy this version I did.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Shopping Bag

For our first project in Marcos Oksenhendler's class of the semester we were each asked to choose a store and redesign their shopping bag. I decided on Victoria's Secret since I love their bag. It's simple, shiny, iconic, and of course...PINK. I decided from the beginning that I wanted it to be done digitally in Adobe Illustrator so I could practice more on the computer and that I wanted the illustration to focus most on the women's bodies and lingerie as opposed to their faces. That's what we all stare at anyway when we're looking at lingerie models, right?
I'll admit, it was a bit frustrating coming to class every week and having to tweak it here and there till the design feels like it's no longer my own. This shopping bag project carries a LOT of weight since it could potentially be in the end of the year graduating show at the Museum at FIT. Everyone in my class felt this pressure especially today when the print lab was involved as well as cutting, pasting, and assembling the shopping bags perfectly. I ended up being quite pleased with the result, however. Sometimes when a project is overworked you need to just step back and go with your instincts.