Monday, February 21, 2011

Fashion Week- Oscar De La Renta

Thanks to my amazing professor, Karen Santry, my classmates and I were invited to three fashion shows last week to draw/photograph. I have never seen anything like these shows and really enjoyed drawing super fast as well as meeting people like photographers and magazine editors, etc. Here's some drawings I did after the Oscar De La Renta show as well as one I did DURING the show which...was difficult. These models walk so fast! I was very lucky to get as much as I could down on the page. However, I really enjoyed drawing on location last week and I'm hoping to do it more. The drawings from the other two shows, Emu Australia and Bebe should be up soon as well.


  1. So fabulous Devon, I love the third one in blue!! You go girl, Devon Speedy Pentz :) See you tomorrow xx

  2. Hi Devon! I saw your illustration on the Oscar de la Renta blog and I was wondering if you ever sell your work? I'd love, love, love to have a copy of that last illustration if you do. Could you let me know? My email is